Development of ArchMergeD Gnome

Many articles and video’s have been created to help you start with a great setup of Gnome.
You can find all Gnome related articles here.

Development  of ArchMergeD Awesome

Development of Awesome is in its final stage. After the launch of 6.5.1 we will make the tutorials and articles of this amazing tiling window manager based on lua.

When developing ArchMergeD Awesome we have decided to add Rofi to that tiling windows manager. It can be an easy way to start your application. As a result Rofi has been added to the iso of ArchMerge.  We can use rofi only in i3 and openbox and not in xfce.  Next month we will create Arc Rofi themes that will match our Arc themes. The Rofi themes, you will receive now, are the standard ones from Rofi.

Rofi keyboard shortcuts have been added

  • CTRL + ALT + R = rofi-theme-selector
  • Super + F11 = full-sceen rofi application selector
  • Super + F12 = smaller screen rofi application selector


  • added smb.conf for ease of comfort – just config
  • xfce background gone in live cd
  • bigger font in calamares

Sardi and Surfn got a major update. More icons, spring clean in the svg code and Sardi Ghost Flexible is back in for Arch based distro’s. Read more about Sardi here.

Since we do a lot of testing on our ArchMergeD desktops it is often necessary to quickly do a clean install to help someone on the forum. Included as of now the Arc theme , Sardi icons and breeze cursor in order to speed up the search/inquiry and have a ‘functional desktop‘ without running all the ArchMergeD scripts. Deleting these packages can always be done without issues with pacman -R.

Boost your system

While testing ArchMergeD desktops we were developing a script to make sure that all cores of our processor are involved in the building and compressing task for applications coming from the AUR.

Added script “000-use-all-cores-makepkg-conf-vx.sh” to speed up compiling your applications from AUR in ~/.config/openbox/scripts. You can find more info about this in this article.

ArchMergeD users will find it on the github.



  • polkit directory – permissions corrected
  • new calamares – solving hardware clock error
  • newer versions of applications and kernel
Following the iso of ArchMerge

  • newer versions of applications and kernel
  • new calamares logo
  • pacman.conf – repo-testing added
  • pacaur is abandoned – orphan
  • Move to a bigger SSD to build iso’s
  • Changes in the scripts how to make an iso
  • archmerge-keyring

  • shopt -s dotglob
  • Video support packages shortlist.
  • scripts improved
  • touchpad support via libinput
  • installation script improved
  • Calamares has been updated and themed with new images
  •  created a separate ArchMerge termite themes packages (themes folder gone)
  •  typo’s out of calamares
  • pictures of various desktop possibilities in calamares
  •  calamares shows keyboard layout
  • getty service error solved

Extra software

  • gparted
  • noto-fonts
  • bashrc – new alias
  • reflector service – weekly mirror check
  • root files – bashrc primed
  • alias for mirror=mirrors
  • root files – bashrc primed
  • touchpad config
Bringing up to speed with ArchMerge iso 6.0.7

  • touchpad config
  • calamaris user config
Software that will be installed

  • xorg
  • network + wireless
  • mousepad
  • mirror alias
  • reflector
  • git
  • termite
  • bash-completion
  • dmidecode
  • laptop-detect
  • mlocate
  • pacaur
  • packer
  • yaourt

No desktop environments, filemanagers, themes, icons and so.

The idea is to make scripts and put them on github to be used later for a clean install. Reusable for Phase 4.