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Release ArchMerge Kirk 6.1 01/11/2017

Release ArchMergeD Kirk 6.1 01/11/2017




Have fun and enjoy

3 desktops

> 2GB iso

Arch core



Display Manager

Desktop environment





Select your wallpaper and done.



Not themed


no desktop

< 1 GB iso

Arch core



Nothing more.

Build your own system on this Arch base.





When you change desktop environment, all the settings of your applications stay the same. Your files are still available. Quite an advantage.

Learn, Have Fun and Enjoy.
That is our motto.

Just Learn

Come for the learning experience and improve your Linux skills through the many articles and Youtube articles. Invest your time in ArchMerge and we will invest in you. We have a 1-2 year learning plan if you like to improve your linux skills.

Just Have Fun

Enjoy the many possibilities to change and tune ArchMerge to your liking. Use all the tools we provide.Themes, icons, conky’s, …

Just Enjoy

Come for the fact that all desktop environments and applications have been themed to look awesome and enjoy your system.

ArchMerge can be a never-ending story

Invest in ArchMerge and we will invest in you

Improve your linux skills

We envision a 1- 2 year development plan

If you start learning linux then XFCE is a great way to start. If you know your way around the system then we can start learning Openbox. You will see it again as a challenge to know how this desktop environment works.  The ultimate challenge then will be to learn to work with a window tiling manager like i3, which is mostly keyboard driven. Each desktop environment increases in complexity.

ArchMergeD is going to be a stripped down ArchMerge. No applications (firefox, vlc, …) No desktop environments.

After phase 1 you know what desktop you like and you install the building blocks yourself together with our Youtube tutorials.
We will install Xfce or Openbox or i3 together.

ArchMergeD is going to be a stripped down ArchMerge. No applications (firefox, vlc, …) No desktop environments.

There are other desktop environments you can explore. Let us install them together.

Let us install Arch Linux together.
Let us install it the “Arch way”.
Choose the building blocks.
Choose the desktop environment.
Choose the applications.

Get hooked on ArchMerge.
Join us on our learning platforms

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Download it now

Latest Articles

All tutorials on ArchMergeD Xfce have been created

All tutorials on ArchMergeD Xfce have been created

We Develop, we Document,  we are Different, we are Diverse and you Decide the Desktop. In phase 1 we use the iso of ArchMerge and all applications, themes, icons are all installed and tweaked out of the box. Your distro is set to go just like that. In...

Nick Petrov will join the ArchMerge team

Nick has been posting many great screenshots of ArchMergeD. We were very surprised how fast he was producing those great desktop environments you all love and liked so much. As it is our intention to give you a github for every desktop environment out there FULLY...

ArchMergeD Kirk Release 6.1

ArchMergeD Kirk Release 6.1

Release date 1st November 2017 What is new This is actually the first release of ArchMergeD. So everything is new. We have listened to numerous social media channels, youtubers, forum members, ... Some linux users tend to go for a minimal iso and just install what...

ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.1

ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.1

Release date 1st November 2017 What is new One of the more important changes is that we will be able to see other computers in our network and be able to share data with them. Network detection and Samba are in. We have listened to numerous social media channels,...

ArchMerge has another designer logo you can use

Thanks to the effort and the talent of Cristian Pozzessere, his artworks can be found on deviantart, we can now share with you another beautiful logo to be use on your systems in conky's or to make your own wallpaper creation etc. Grey background not...

ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.0

ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.0

End August 2017 there has been a management change in ArchLabs. Three members of ArchLabs started a new distribution called ArchMerge. ArchMerge will keep true to the original ArchLabs vision to provide a full-fledged desktop environment providing as much theming as...



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